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The Wedding Dress Project: Bride-to-Be Interview

The Wedding Dress Project

Come mid-June, my wedding dress will move from its lonely spot in my closet to the waiting arms of Texas bride-to-be Cris Stone, who will give it a new home and another glorious chance to shine in her May 2012 wedding. A native Texan myself, I will actually be traveling back to Texas in June to visit my parents and will be able to personally hand over the dress to Cris who lives nearby, so excited! But until then, I thought it might be nice for everyone to get to know the girl who has been so integral in getting the ball rolling on the very first dress exchange of The Wedding Dress Project with the interview below, plus check out the snazzy logo she made for the project above.

Jerry and Cris

Cris and "the boy" Jerry

Interview Highlights:

  • Cris was raised in Salcha, Alaska, but fell in love with a boy, Jerry, from Texas. (She’s definitely a girl after my own heart. Luke and I fell in love while living in Colorado and Texas.)
  • When she first met her future spouse, he was wearing a pink boa and a tiara.
  • Cris refuses to pay retail prices for her wedding and is becoming quite a deal-hunting diva. She’s even designing her own flowers.
  • She wants a small, budget-friendly wedding surrounded by family. Her dad will be performing the ceremony.

Interview with Cris Stone of kiss my tulle

  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. Where are you from?
    I was raised in Salcha, Alaska (and no, I did not vote for Palin… ever), but right now I’m living in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs Go!) with The Boy.
  3. Besides being a bride, what are your favorite pastimes?
    Watching any TV show involving serial killers, the Boston Red Sox, building houses in Sims 3, reading (TONS), blogging, sewing (mostly quilts), and dipnetting (a kind of fishing that PETA would absolutely NOT approve of).
  4. How did you and your future spouse meet? Don’t be afraid to get mushy, the mushier the better.
    It’s not mushy – sorry. Jerry was in the Air Force at the time and stationed in Alaska. He worked in the same exterior electrical shop as my dad, and they became friends. I was living with friends in California. My family thought he was the greatest, and my mom tried to get him to marry my older sister (he politely declined). We met briefly one Christmas when my parents invited him and his dog over to celebrate. When I first saw him, he was wearing a hot pink feather boa and tiara. I thought he was gay (turns out my little sister had put it on him, and he’s just a nice guy, so he left it). About a year later, my parents needed help fixing up one of their rentals, and I was between jobs so I moved back to help. It ended up that Jerry rented the house we were fixing up and we met there. About a week later, he asked me if I wanted to go dancing, I was bored out of my mind and said yes, and we’ve been together ever since.
  5. Tell us about your engagement. Where and how did it happen?
    Again, not romantic AT ALL. We’ve been together since 2005 and have talked about marriage and family off and on. I have been visiting him in SA for years now, but always go home for Christmas with my family. This year, when I came back we um, got ready to get to it, and he kept asking me questions: “Do you love me?” (I said, “Sure”), “Do you want to have babies with me?” (I said, “Sure”), and “Do you want to marry me?” I was so surprised that I didn’t say anything… so he asked me, “Do you want to marry me and have babies with me?” I asked him if he was serious (he said, “Yes”) and then I got completely and totally overwhelmed and started crying (but not in happiness – it was more like nerves and terror). That sounds awful but I had so many concerns and questions that I needed us to talk about before deciding on this HUGE life decision. So we talked and talked (and eventually got around to what I thought we were going to be doing in the first place) and then went on about our day. It wasn’t until the next day (while he was at work) that I thought about it more and texted asking him if he was serious and where the hell was my ring. He texted me back that he was serious and that he knew that I would want to pick out my own ring. He was right so I texted him back a yes. Roooomantic.
  6. When and where is the big day?
    May 26, 2012 at our house in the Texas Hill Country.
  7. What kind of wedding do you want? Big, small, formal, local, destination?
    Small, local, casual, fun, LOTS of kids, outdoors, semi-religious – like a great family holiday get-together!
  8. What are the top five things that are important to you about planning your wedding day?
    1. Getting married (and having my dad perform the ceremony), 2. Keeping the budget SMALL, 3. Having all our friends and family here, 4. Kick ass photography, 5. Good food
  9. Do you have any favorite planning resources?
    The has been an amazing resource for lists and organizing. Martha Stewart Wedding magazine (the bible!) is the greatest for inspiration and ideas. I’ve also found that Twitter has THE BEST wedding community and everyone was willing to help out/answer many of my questions. I also LOVE blogs – mostly those by individuals planning their own weddings (like eliperrin, Craftyminx, and Big Day for 10K).
  10. What are the top (up to five) things you are doing to save money?
    1. Researching EVERYTHING – I refuse to pay retail so I’m always looking for a deal. 2. I’m doing all my own flowers (bouquets and centerpieces) and doing all my own paper goods (I knew that college degree would come in handy!). 3. The Boy and his Best Man are building all the seating and tables for the whole wedding out of old wood and pallets. 4. We’re doing the ceremony and reception at our home so no venue fees. 5. We’re nixing anything that doesn’t interest us (favors, garter, and boutonnieres).
  11. Do you have any D.I.Y. projects that you are particularly excited about?
    I did all the flowers for my friend Helen’s wedding, and I’m really excited to do my own because it was so simple and fun. I’m also super excited about the paper goods since I’m a total office supply nerd and love playing with pretty papers. I’ve actually done a bunch of extra little things ( and just so that I can play with Illustrator and Photoshop!
  12. How did you hear about The Dress Project, and what made you excited to participate?
    I actually read about it on Ruffled’s Recycle Your Wedding. I clicked over to Elizabeth’s blog and thought that the Project was the coolest idea! I had planned on not spending more than $100 on a dress that I would only wear for one day (I am not a princess kinda girl, and I just wasn’t getting excited about dress shopping) so this Circle of Life wedding dress idea really appealed to me. I was also excited to see that the dress would fit me and was a lovely, simple style that would work perfectly for my laid-back wedding. I was thrilled to be picked because there was no way that I would ever have been able to afford something so pretty on my own. Also, everyone that I’ve shared this with is so thrilled with the idea and cannot wait to see the dress in person (and meet Elizabeth!).
  13. How are you going to make the dress unique to you?
    I’m planning on replacing the sash with a colored version. Otherwise, it’s perfect to me!
  14. What are you most looking forward to about being married? Being married. Really – I never thought that anyone would want to spend their life with me or have a family with me so being with The Boy until death do us part is pretty exciting to me. On a shallower note, I’m excited to throw a kick ass party with yummy food and lots of pretty things to look at!

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