Posted by: eliperrin | February 17, 2011

Finally a wife and ready to post….

OK, I have taken more than a reasonable sabbatical from writing here. There’s really no excuse for it. But before I beat myself up too much,  I also want to provide some sort of explanation about why I’ve been avoiding it.

To tell the truth, after our wedding, I was sooo wedding-ed out, that I didn’t even want to think about anything wedding related, even looking at my wedding dress kinda made me want to pull out a paper back to breath in. All I wanted to do was soak in the glow of being a newlywed. I really, really loved our wedding, and I’m proud of  the wonderful memories we made. I just needed to put thinking about the planning portion of it on a shelf for a while.

But now that it’s a little further removed, I’m ready to report back to the troops and fill in the details about our amazing day…and then probably move on to new topics about our adventures as a married couple. ; )

So, stay tuned for new blogs to come. My knuckles are cracked, the dust is blown off the keyboard, and I’m ready to roll.

Here’s a sneak preview of our day:

The Happy Couple
Finally Married

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