Posted by: eliperrin | June 18, 2010

Mad Science Experiment with Reception Music

So Luke and I decided to play a little experiment with our reception music. On our wedding RSVPs, we asked our guests to submit a song for the reception. We wanted to see what it would be like if they took the reins a little in our wedding planning because, first, it would save us some precious time and, second, we’d get a little insight into our guests’ romantic sides. This could have gone a hundred ways of wrong. What if they chose a bunch of joke songs or cheesy 80’s monster ballads? I could easily see Luke and I slow dancing to White Snake, with his older brother cracking up in the background. Oh, it could have easily happened. But Luke and I decided we would play anything our guests requested because really, what’s better than rocking out to your song request?

As it turns out, our guests would make pretty awesome DJs. We practiced dancing to the requests the other night and they were so much fun. All of the requests will play at the beginning of our reception, following the traditional dances.

Here’s the list so far. More will be added as the RSVPs continue to come in, so stay posted.

1.  Take a Picture– Filter

2. Love is Stronger than Pride- Warsaw Poland Bros

3. My Girl– Michael Jackson

4. Hallelujah– Jeff Buckley

5. In Dreams– Roy Orbison

6. Sideways– Citizen Cope

7. I Got You Babe– Sonny and Cher

8.  Open Arms– Journey- FYI this isn’t the real music video, but this little guy stole my heart. Hahaha

9. Sister Moon– Sting

10. You’re Still the One-Shania Twain

11. Sowing the Seed of Love– Tears for Fears (OK, one joke song did make it onto the list, compliments a la  our friend DC.)

Thanks everyone for helping us put this together! Can’t wait to see what else you guys have for us.

P.S. For those of you who didn’t get your monster ballad fill from this blog, here’s a little something for you.


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