Posted by: eliperrin | June 17, 2010

Favors for the Eco-Conscious, Penny-Pinching Bride

**Spoiler Alert** Don’t read this if you are going to be a guest at our wedding and want the favors to be a surprise.**

Luke and I knew we didn’t want to (and couldn’t) spend a fortune on our wedding favors, our budget was $100, and we also wanted to give our guests something they would be able to use and remember us by. We’ve been to a couple of weddings where guests left half of the favors on the tables, and when each favor often costs between $5-$10 and up, that can really be a big loss for the couple.

In keeping with our wedding’s tree theme, we thought it would be fun to give our guests trees they could plant in honor of our marriage, giving permanence to a special day that will probably flash by in an instant. A tree will be around long after we are gone.

There are a lot of great sites out there for eco-conscious couples. Here are a few I found in my research:

Plant a Memory (Offers tree seeds, saplings, seed paper, flower bulbs):

The Little Things (Offers many traditional favors, but also great green options):

In the end, we got a lot of great ideas from these sites, but decided to go the D.I.Y. route. I figured we could probably save money by buying the seeds in bulk and taking care of the packaging ourselves. I began by searching for tree seeds online. I found a great company, Sheffield’s Seed Company, which carries more tree varieties than one could possibly imagine, complete with detailed instructions and helpful tips for the inexperienced planter. I settled on two breeds of trees, blue spruce and paper mulberry because they are easy to grow, even for those who suffer from the dreaded brown thumb, like myself. All of their seeds are extremely affordable; I spent about six bucks on what I needed for all of our favors.

Once the seeds arrived, it was time to turn them into presentable favors. Luke found biodegradable Jiffy planters and soil pellets at Wal-Mart, you can also find them on And I bought red, white and brown cellophane paper and ribbon to match our wedding colors from Michael’s (surprisingly the ribbon was the most expensive part). It took us several days to put the favors together, so if you are in a crunch this may not be the route to go, but it made a fun pastime for us.

And voila, our beautiful favors, green and budget-friendly to boot.

wedding favors

wedding favors

Wedding Favor Costs (Prices have been rounded up to the dollar):

Seeds: $6
Jiffy Peat Pot Strips (two packs): $8
Jiffy Soil Pellets: $6
Cellophane Paper: $8
Decorative Ribbon: $14

Price per favor (we made 50): $42 or .84 cents a piece, not too shabby.


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