Posted by: eliperrin | May 10, 2010

90 Days to a Pretty Bride, Prettier Me

With my wedding quickly approaching, I have decided it’s time to make some lifestyle changes if I want to feel healthy and beautiful on my wedding day. The most drastic of these changes will be to dramatically cut back on my alcohol intake. I have drunk, often heavily, since the age of 18, and I think I am about done with it. I have absolutely no tolerance, so even two to three glasses of wine gets me completely smashed, and I am tired of being the drunkest at the party. I don’t like the side of me that comes out when I drink (mostly because I usually can’t remember her), and while drunk Liz may be entertaining, she’s certainly not classy or someone I’m proud of. Plus, my hangovers have become increasingly worse as I’ve gotten older. Even a few glasses of wine causes me to spend the entire following afternoon hugging the toilet for dear life. I don’t have the time for this anymore. So, I will no longer drink to get drunk and for the next three months I will only imbibe limited amounts on extremely special occasions. No, as my father-in-law kept wishfully implying last night when he saw my usual wine glass replaced with ice water, I am not hiding a secret pregnancy. I just want to find a healthier, more balanced me, and I hope everyone will support me in this.

Secondly, I am going to cut back on my intake of processed foods. No more hotpockets in the morning when I am in a rush or, my biggest weakness, corn chips. I want to see what 90 days of fresh vegetables, fruit and home-cooked meats does for my body. I am sensitive to unhealthy food. It makes me lethargic, sweaty, almost sick feeling.  I don’t even eat them all that often, but their impact can throw me off for days. A chiropractor friend of ours once told me that we are continually processing three days worth of meals, so even if you eat salad for an entire day,  you are still slowed down by the In and Out burger you enjoyed yesterday afternoon. I want to know what it feels like to have three days worth of fresh food in me at all times. I will also be combining this diet with vigorous gym workouts, at least three times a week.

Finally, I want to pray more. I have recently started to feel a deep need to find my spiritual self. I can’t really explain where this need came from, but it’s a stronger craving than I have ever experienced, more than I’ve ever wanted water, food or the stress-induced cigarette from my smoking days. For the next ninety days, I will make it my mission to satiate this need with daily meditation, immersion in spiritual texts and searching for individuals who share this desire and lead active spiritual lives. I think Luke and I both want to find a home base for sharing our spiritual beliefs. It’s something we need for ourselves and for the family we plan on creating in the years to come. I would love to find an Ashram in Orange County. If anyone one knows of one, please let me know.  I’ve had trouble finding any Buddhist centers in the area.

So to recap, for the next ninety days, I am promising myself to drink less (if at all), eat healthier and pray at least once a day.  I am looking forward to meeting the girl who comes out at the end of this experiment. I hope all of our friends will support me in this endeavor.

90 Day Diet


  1. Good for you. I’m going to do it too!

  2. Next time you’re in Dalaran, have Doedoe cook you up a fish feast. It’s nutritious AND delicious!

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