Posted by: eliperrin | March 15, 2010

The Poor Bride’s Adventures in Wedding Invitations

Today, I devoted most of my afternoon to designing the style and text of my wedding invitations and RSVP cards.  In order to save money, Luke and I are making our own invitations, as even simple invitations can easily cost $4-5 dollars per card online (trust me, I did a lot of online shopping).  When looking for inspirational ideas I scoured many DIY sites and was the best I found. This site offers several easy invitation templates with photos and step-by-step directions for making each one. They even have user-uploaded invitations if you don’t find a template you like.  But alas, I was soon to find that DIY invitations are not for me.

After spending days on DIY sites and finally settling on a design style, I headed to my local crafts store, determined to come home with all of the necessary invitation-making supplies. I spent a good hour scouring multi-colored cardstock stacks, browsing through assortments of ribbon and wandering around aimlessly for a papercutter, only to walk out of the store empty handed. Even with the multitude of choices, I couldn’t find the paper I had envisioned, and I was quickly wrought with panic at the amount of supplies I would need to make nice looking invitations.

All this frustration worked up an appetite, and I headed to Subway for a quick bite. On the way out, I spotted a Staples and decided to see if they had anything for someone with limited patience and crafting abilities. What I found was AMAZING!  Staples carries invitation DIY kits, which include 50 formal invitations and envelopes, RSVP cards and envelopes, all coupled with step-by-step instructions. The kits come in various colors, and I was able to find one with a deep red background to match our wedding scheme. Although these will look a little store bought, I think it’s worth the time I will save by eliminating all the cutting, folding and gluing true DIY invitations require. Also, these are free of text and images, so they can be completely customized on a word processor.

The total cost of the kit was 29.99, and I bought two kits, bringing my grand total to 65.23 (with tax).  This averages to about .65 center per invite, a price I can totally live with.

Now all I need to do is figure out what the invitations should say…a story for another blog.


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