Posted by: eliperrin | January 21, 2010

Organizing Your Wedding Inspirations

Recently, Luke and I have begun the tedious process of interviewing vendors for our wedding day.  And, it’s much more involved than I originally expected. I thought I would call a caterer, florist, baker, tell him or her our budget and provide a general idea of what we want, and they would quote me a cookie-cutter package for brides on my extremely-limited budget.

Luckily, all of the vendors we have chosen love working with budget brides because it requires them to flex their creative muscles.  But to give me my dream wedding, they need something to go off of, such as fabric swatches, paint chips, photos… anything for inspiration.  At first I was a little overwhelmed because I could picture what I wanted, but had not invested the time to go searching for symbols of my vision.  What was I to do?

Then I found WeddingWire.  It’s a site similar to theKnot, but has a more collective feel. Brides and grooms post reviews for thousands of local vendors and even photos from their own weddings for other couples to get ideas from.

While I haven’t spent an enormous amount of time delving into the depths of the site’s features, I found their Inspiration Boards extremely useful for organizing my ideas.  The Inspiration Boards allow brides to scour WeddingWire’s vast collection of bridal photos and create themed collages for vendors.  Brides can search for inspiration by narrowing the photos by specific categories (e.g., flowers, cakes, dresses, hair) and colors of their choosing.  When you see something you like, you add it to your Inspiration Board.  WeddingWire allows you to create as many Inspiration Boards as you want, and all the photos you select can be rearranged, resized and flipped to your heart’s delight. The end product looks professional and was something I was proud to show off.  And, I didn’t have to lug around a bunch of cumbersome knickknacks to all of my vendor interviews.

I created two Inspiration Boards, one for cupcake wedding cakes and the other for flowers. My vendors loved them! I am sure I’ll be making many more because it’s really fun.  I’ve included these for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!


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