Posted by: eliperrin | January 20, 2010

Wedding Websites and Writing about Your “Couple-ness”

I really didn’t want to do a wedding website because A, they look extremely time consuming, and B, I didn’t want to get wrapped up in mushy wedding stuff.  However, I finally decided to suck it up and make one because I’d be able to easily provide useful information to our guests, such as local hotels, bridal party information, area attractions, etc. And heck, I think I’m even starting to like the mushy stuff.

I scoured the search engines looking for a company that would allow me to easily build a navigable site for free. I found many companies that offered free websites if you agreed to sign up for various free trials for wedding-related products and many others that were simply just too complicated.  I didn’t want any of these.  Finally, I settled on the wedding website offered by  It’s free and extremely easy to understand.  All you have to do is pick a template based on your color scheme and fill in the text for various predetermined page categories.  You can turn off any pages you don’t feel like including, e.g., I turned off the Registry Page since we haven’t gotten that far yet. This was all extremely useful for me since I have very little HTML/code experience.

When it came to actually writing the content for our site, I wanted to avoid making our readers nauseas with overly sappy love fluff, but I still wanted to give a little insight into how our relationship started and who we are today.  I tried to accomplish this by keeping the paragraphs brief and in some cases writing about our relationship in the third person, which I am really not used to doing.  The third-person perspective allowed me to look at our relationship as a whole and make a site that better represented both of us.

I’ve included a link to our site below. This was my first attempt, so I’m sure it will continue to evolve as we get closer to the wedding date.  I hope it’s an enjoyable read and doesn’t make your stomach too green.  However, I couldn’t help but sprinkle it with some of my favorite engagement photos.



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