Posted by: eliperrin | September 28, 2009

The Bridal Warehouse

Ahem, so I am recanting my position on the bridal warehouse stores….or at least the one I visited today. I have been avoiding these types of stores because, from what I found browsing the Internet, I couldn’t find a dress that felt unique and didn’t look cheap.  However, I was lured into a David’s Bridal today by their one hundred dollar dress sale.  I brought my friend Michelle with me to protect me from pushy salespeople who might talk me into a really expensive dress.  I’m an easy target.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by our experience. My girlfriend and I were able to talk our time sorting through dresses, and besides one salesman who flirted a tad too much, everyone left us alone until I was ready to try on a couple gowns. When we were ready, I was escorted by a bridal consultant to the changing rooms.  She patiently helped me get in and out of every delicate dress, which would have been a confusing nightmare if I had tried on my own.  She also noted the different styles I liked and found similar dresses that I had missed.  I’m really happy to have had this extra help.

I tried about six of seven dresses and really loved three of them.  I feel pretty lucky since most of the brides I’ve known had to search a long time for their perfect dress.  While the dresses aren’t as cheap as I had hoped, they are still extremely affordable.  I’ll be happy knowing that I bought a dress that I feel extremely beautiful in, but one that I didn’t have to take out a credit card for.

If you would like to see some of the dresses I tried on during my David’s Bridal Adventure, visit here.

Thanks Michelle for being my partner in crime today.

The first of many beautiful dresses.

The first of many beautiful dresses.




  1. My pleasure! I hope you make a decision you’re happy with:)

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