Posted by: eliperrin | September 25, 2009

Post-College Blues

In the year that I’ve been out of college, I’ve been in what I can only describe as a funk.  I’ve just had this sinking feeling that I’m not doing anything worthy with my life. Yeah, yeah, I know this is  not completely true, but still…  I guess what I am probably suffering from is post-college blues.  During college, I felt that I was destined for great things.  I didn’t know what these great things were, but the future had a shiny, golden aura around it.  I spent my nights imagining myself teaching underprivileged children to read, writing ground-breaking theses, or finding the cure to Malaria…all I had to do was earn my Bachelor’s Degree and the adventures would begin.  After graduation however, these great accomplishments never came.  I got a desk job and quickly settled into the grind of a 40-hour work week. At the end of the day, there never seemed to be time to start those great things.  At least, that’s the excuse I gave myself.

Recently, however, my friend Rebecca unknowingly pointed me in the right direction.  Her friend was struggling to pass the written portion an entrance exam, and knowing that I’m a writer, Rebecca recommended her to me for tutoring. Tutoring has always been a passion of mine, but after college, I didn’t have as many opportunities to do it. I began working with Rebecca’s friend once a week.  And, there’s been nothing more rewarding than seeing her apply and understand the techniques we’ve gone over.  In fact, in the days following our meetings, I practically have a runner’s high. I feel as though I have rediscovered something I’ve always known I loved, but had abandoned. While I’m not changing the world, I am helping someone by sharing my love for writing.   And, I can finally say that I’ve found that feeling of satisfaction I’ve been missing.



  1. Thanks for saying exactly what I’m feeling. I am on the search for my “tutoring gig.” 🙂 Glad you found yours

    • Thank you! Trust me, it takes about a year or two, but you’ll find your calling. 🙂

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