Posted by: eliperrin | April 24, 2009

Choosing Our Budget

One of the first things my fiancée Luke and I have done in planning for our wedding is to decide exactly how much we are willing to spend on our wedding and what we are willing to spend our money on.  We have decided that we are comfortable with a budget of $5,000.  I know this sounds almost impossible, as even a budget wedding is considered to usually be around $10-15,ooo, but we are going to cut corners in as many areas as possible.  With such a limited budget, we’ve really had to nail-down what we want to put money towards for our wedding.  My, soon-to-be, sister-in-law had a beautiful wedding a few years ago, and she gave me some of the best advice I have received to date for planning our budget.  She told me that for all the trinkets marketed to brides (fancy souvenirs, table dressings, personalized candies), they didn’t end up meaning that much on the actual day because it went by in such a flash.  In the end, her best investments were in services that helped to preserve the day for her, such as photography and videography.  So these are the areas where Luke and I are going to focus most of our budget.  We’re going to cut out most of the trendy extras, which probably won’t mean much the day after our wedding anyway. And, we’re going to do everything that we can ourselves or by “hiring” members of our family to help out.  We’ve picked three main areas where we are willing to spend our money: food, alcohol, and pictures.

With this blog, I am going to record my memories and ponderings during our engagement and also keep track of our spending so that we don’t go over budget.

At the end of each blog, I’ll record exactly what we’ve spent to date here:

Wedding Budget: $5,000

Spent to date: $0



  1. hey elipperin 🙂 i’m planning my wedding too, and i’ve found friends and family to be my most trusted allies for advice and wedding saving tips. i’m not sure if you’re planning on getting married in a church, but if you are, you should try doing it on an off day (not saturday) during a major religious holiday. that way, the church will already be decorated, and by not having it a on saturday… you’ll save mooey dollars on venues alone.

  2. Thanks for the tip Marilyn. I think we are going to do a wedding in our home, but it’s still very up in the air right now. Your suggestion is great! I never thought about trying for a holiday.

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